Dear Student and Teacher Delegates,

Welcome to the 7th International Science Youth Forum @ Singapore, held from the 18 to 22 January 2015!

ISYF has always maintained a reputation for attracting the best and the brightest, the inquisitive and the experienced from all four corners of the world. This year, through our theme of “Becoming a Modern Scientist”, we hope to prepare the young budding scientists for science and research in the new era: what opportunities it may bring forth, what challenges it will entail, and what qualities should an exemplary ‘modern scientist’ exude. With over 120 delegates and educators, this forum promises not only to be intellectually rigorous, but culturally enriching as well!

This website serves as the centerpiece of the forum, and from here you may access the numerous highlights and programmes of ISYF 2015. Do check it out before the commencement of the actual forum! In preparation for ISYF, we also hope to engage you in online discussions, which will provide the context for the course of events carefully prepared for you.

The friendly Organising Team of the 7th ISYF is very excited to meet you soon and we hope that you will have an enriching and unforgettable time in Singapore!

Warmest regards

Yi KuiShuai and Ho Kai Lun


ISYF 2015 Student Organising Committee