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What online platform will we be using throughout the forum?

We will be using ZOOM during all ISYF sessions, unless stated otherwise. Your facilitators will also be contacting you via email, or WhatsApp for Singaporean delegates, during ISYF.

How will my facilitators contact me?

The ISYF student co-chairpersons will be communicating with you via email prior to ISYF. For delegates based in Singapore, your facilitators will be collecting your contact details for Whatsapp so as to facilitate communication during ISYF.

What timezone is the host school in?

The host school, Hwa Chong Institution, is in Singapore. We are in a timezone of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +8. All timings written in the documents given to you are in GMT +8 (Actual Timing in Singapore) unless stated otherwise.

What if I am unable to attend/connect to the ZOOM meeting (e.g. due to unforeseen circumstances such as Internet or Wi-Fi connection issues or other emergencies?)

If you are based in Singapore, please inform your facilitators immediately (you may use SMS, WhatsApp or phone call if necessary).
If you are not in Singapore, please inform your facilitators immediately via email. If you are unable to contact them, please try to either inform a fellow delegate from your school to pass the message to us, or email the student co-chairpersons.
We will provide you with technical assistance to the best of our abilities.

What if I cannot log into my account?

If you face problems with your ISYF specific email, please inform your facilitators as soon as possible so that we can help you reset your password promptly.
If you face problems with your ZOOM account, please follow the instructions provided in the ZOOM Instructions and Manual Guidelines for Delegates. You will need access to your ISYF specific email for this.

What platform will I be using for the Team Project Challenge?

Delegates will have to design a 3D model of their proposed solutions and how it aims to solve the issue at hand. We recommend SketchUp as a possible 3D modelling platform for delegates to use, but you are free to use other platforms upon approval by facilitators. A tutorial video will be provided via email closer to ISYF.

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+65 6468 3955 Fax: 6769 5857
661 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 269734 +65 6468 3955 Fax: 6769 5857

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